JETFLEX® burner

Setting the standard for today 

and tomorrow

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JETFLEX® burner

- Setting the standard for today and tomorrow

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Innovative design and proven technology

Get an animated impression of FLSmidth’s new multi-fuel kiln burner, the JETFLEX® burner, meeting the demands for high fuel flexibility, reliable and stable operation and outstanding heat efficiency.

Savings calculator

Use the savings calculator to estimate the fuel, transport air and heat savings that you can achieve by replacing your existing burner with a JETFLEX® burner.

Cold testing

In this film, you can see the most important features that have been developed to improve alternative fuels firing, such as:

  • - the visual fuel distribution and retention time
  • - the mixing of primary and secondary air
  • - the velocity profiles 

Hot testing

The JETFLEX prototype burner arrived at the Rohoznik Cement Plant in Slovakia in early 2016.

In this film, you can see the results of using video imaging technology to study the characteristics of the kiln flame when burning both conventional fuels and alternative fuels. 

Success for the new multi-fuel kiln burner

FLSmidth’s new JETFLEX® burner has helped improve plant operation and alternative fuels usage at the Rohoznik Cement Plant.



The latest evolution in rotary kiln burner technology

FLSmidth’s JETFLEX® burner represents the latest evolution in rotary kiln burner technology. 

The design is targeted towards usage of traditional fuels such as oil, gas, pulverised solid fuels 

and high and medium-grade alternative fuel qualities.


FLSmidth offers two models :

The standard JETFLEX® burner with fixed jet air nozzles and the JETFLEX® PLUS burner with rotatable jet air nozzles.

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